About the Author

I, Matt Albert, am living proof that not all historians live in the past. During my education, I focused on early innovations, specifically in the Victorian era. What impressed me most, as I learned about these early inventors, was not only how much they shaped society during their time, but how they continue to affect us today. The first steam locomotive pushed others to find ways to make long distance travel more efficient, bringing us today’s airliners and even space shuttles. We will continue to feel the effects of these early technologies as we progress even further. Many of these inventors took impossible ideas and made them a reality. I truly believe their creativity, perseverance, inventions have the power to inspire new generations.

The problem is that, as a society, we have fallen in a bad habit of exclusively looking forward and not learning from the past; one needs only to look at a newspaper to see that this is the case. How can we be inspired by the incredible odds these inventors faced and their perseverance in the face of criticism if our blinders only allow us to see straight ahead? With this site I hope to bring the past and future together.

It is my goal to show you, the reader, how without seemingly obsolete inventions, such as the phonograph, we would not enjoy many of the modern conveniences we have today. I hope you find this site informational and are as inspired by these past inventors as I am.